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"Single-Domain Antibodies" Conference


The “Nanobodies” conference returns for its 3rd edition, under the “Single-domain Antibodies” conference. Following successful events in Bonn in 2019 and Brussels in 2021, this year’s conference will take place in Paris at the prestigious Institut Pasteur from September 18 to 20.

We are pleased to announce the active involvement of two of our founding members, Sandrine MOUTEL and Franck PEREZ, who have lent their expertise to this event by co-organizing it.
S. MOUTEL - CSO of the Next generation antibodies company
F. Perez - Board member of the Next generation antibodies company
F. PEREZ - Scientific Board Member
Poster "Single-Domain Antibodies" conference 2023

For 2.5 days, the conference will provide a dynamic platform for the scientific community to meet and share the last advances in this fast growing scientific field. The conference agenda will include a wide range of topics, including :

  • Advances in the engineering and structure of single-domain antibodies ;
  • The application of single-domain antibodies in neurobiology ;
  • Use of single-domain antibodies for diagnostics and imaging ;
  • Tools to improve our understanding of biological processes ;
  • The clinical application of single-domain antibodies in the fight against cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Emglev Therapeutics is a forward-looking company specializing in the exploration and development of revolutionary immunotherapies using next-generation synthetic single-domain antibodies.

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